wonder women now

An international art project

To empower women

Wonder Women Now addresses the issue of domestic violence in the world.

It gives hope, inspiration, and empowers survivors.

It consists of a multi-sensory art exhibition and an international tour (2022-2026).

This interactive art exhibition will make you walk through

the heroic journey of celebrities,

women and children who reclaimed their power and became thrivers.


This transformative exhibition will take you on the emotional journey of a survivor

through different rooms in her symbolic house.

The different rooms represent various emotions,

manifesting her path to empowerment.


Exhibition timeline (*)

Boston: March 9-19 2022 at Reservoir Church in Cambridge, MA, USA

The article in the Boston Globe:


Cambridge: Reservoir Church, October 19-22, 2023

Ministry Center

15 Notre Dame Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02140 

Friday, October 20: 11-4pm

Saturday, October 21: 11-4pm

Sunday October 22: 1-4pm

London: 2024

Paris: 2024

Warsaw: 2025

Berlin: 2025

New York City: 2026

San Francisco: 2027

Tokyo: 2027

(* precise dates will be communicated later)



A transformative experience

March 9-19, 2022

12-3pm preview

Monday-Saturday (closed Sunday)

Wonder Women Now

a women empowerment art project

Ministry Center at Reservoir Church

15 Notre Dame Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02140, USA

No tickets (free entrance).

This exhibition is not for kids under 18. trigger warning.

Masks required.

Open 12-3pm

Monday-Saturday (closed on Sunday)

Anne Plaisance


Her brush is her sword.

She focuses on women empowerment

and curates strong transformative exhibitions


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